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Boglands Titanium Stoves

We are ecstatic to introduce our new line of Titanium portable wood stoves. These stove models are the largest portable Titanium wood stoves available for purchase in the world.

The Boglands series of stoves have been specifically designed for outdoorsmen who need a large capacity stove for their remote base camp set up but need to travel extremely light or need to transport their gear via float plane, where every gram or ounce matters.

All Boglands series of stoves use top of the line USA made Titanium raw materials for durability and product longevity.

Our stoves are CNC fiber laser cut and CNC bent for extreme precision. Once laser cut and bent, all stoves are hand assembled from start to finish and rigorously inspected for quality assurance. Each stove is stamped with a unique serial number.

Easy fold out legs reduce set up and tear down time, a valued feature in frigid weather conditions. The mitred door provides a rigid design and seals the perimeter effectively. The door handle and latch use rugged 1/8-inch thick Titanium material for a vault-like closing mechanism. The door corners are TIG welded closed to prevent excessive air from being drawn in. The one piece 5-inch Titanium external exhaust pipe collar prevents fire chamber obstruction, creating a strong draw. Large front and rear stove edge lips make handling the stove easy, even while wearing large gloves or mitts.

Critical pivot points use 316 stainless steel marine grade fasteners and components, preventing corrosion, an important factor for groups using the stove in extreme conditions or as a semi-permanent, year-round base camp set up. These premium fasteners are used in the harshest environments, resisting corrosion even when operating next to salt water. Upgraded Titanium fasteners and accessory packages are available to reduce weight even further.

The Boglands series of Titanium portable wood stoves shares the same great features and accessories as our other stove models, but are made out of Titanium for the most extreme, harsh conditions and for lighter weight use.

All stove models come standard with a stainless-steel damper, a set of Titanium elbowed exhaust pipes and stainless-steel legs. Titanium packages and accessories are sold separately. 

Size XX-Large X-Large Large
25 in
24 in
19 in
15 in
12 in
11.875 in
16 in
13 in
12.375 in
Setup Height
24 in
18 in
17.875 in
20-Gauge Titanium
26-Gauge Titanium
26-Gauge Titanium
19 lbs (8.6 kg)
14.1 lbs (6.40 kg)
12.4 lbs (5.6 kg)
Pipe Diameter
5 in
5 in
5 in
* With Titanium package, Titanium rivets and legs, Titanium Damper

Titanium Accessories and Hardware


Titanium is a super-alloy that is known for its exceptionally high strength and superior corrosion resistance. It is primarily used in military and advanced aerospace applications.

For those individuals who are looking to reduce weight and desire the utmost corrosion resistance pivot points, titanium fasteners and components can be added on as an upgraded accessory to all models of our portable stainless steel wood stoves.

We use USA made, grade 5 titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) for its additional strength, high-temperature structural properties and lightweight characteristics.

Please indicate which model of stove you would like to upgrade to one of our Titanium packages. Please contact us for additional package details.

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