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Titanium Exhaust Pipes Accessory | All Models of Stoves

For those looking to shed some weight on their portable wood stove set up, we have created Titanium Exhaust Pipes for all models of our portable wood stoves.

USA made Titanium raw materials are used for durability. 5-inch diameter nesting pipes fit inside each other during transport, and all pipe sections get stored within the stove when not in use.

Model Material Pipe diameter Nesting Pipes Length Pipe Set Weight
Titanium Exhaust Pipes Accessory
Titanium, Grade 5
5 in
Varies on Model
310-1250 grams (0.68 - 2.75 lbs)

Titanium Hardware Upgrade

Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion and extremely light weight, making it a desirable material for manufacturing outdoor camping gear and accessories.

Titanium is much stronger than aluminum and can withstand heavy impacts and wear over decades of use.


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