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Modular Adjustable Camping Pole | 8 or 6 foot version

Our Modular Camping Poles comes in either 8 or 6 foot versions.
Anodized aluminum tubes used for durability. The three (3) sectioned, interconnected pole packs down to 29 inches (73.5 cm) during transport.

Additional holes to adjust for a variety of terrain elevations.
Dual stainless steel push button pin for additional strength.

Accessories can be added to either end, depending on your application (hiking, canoe tripping, winter camping).


Accessories: Plastic sphere, removable pin (used with pole base for winter camping), plastic foot for increased support, mil-spec webbing attachments, plastic loop for para-cord rigging, stainless steel loop for para-cord use, aluminum clamp to hang gear inside a pyramid style winter tent.

All accessories are made in Canada using USA and Canadian raw materials.

Backcountry Canoe Grills | X-Large and Large Models

Our Backcountry Canoe Grills are ideal for groups travelling deep into the backcountry via canoe or kayak and who prefer to cook over an open fire. Perfect for BBQing fish, burgers, sausages and vegetables. USA made 304 stainless steel, 1/4 inch diameter tube construction and stainless steel mesh. Radius corners prevent snagging. Fully enclosed travel bag prevents grease from contaminating other camping equipment.

TIG welded for maximum strength and durability. Bracing rods provide additional rigidity, increase load capacity and minimizes warpage.

Comes complete with Cordura nylon travel bag with PALS webbing system and uses USA made, Mil-Spec Velcro for product longevity.

X-Large: L: 23.500 inch, W: 8.250 inch, Weight: 585 grams

Large: L: 20.250 inch, W: 9.750 inch, Weight: 490 grams


Single Support Winter Camping Pole | Pyramid Tents

Single Support Winter Camping Aluminum Pole for pyramid style hot tents. 8 foot length. The three (3) sectioned, interconnected aluminum pole packs down to 29 inches (73.5 cm) in length during transport. Minimum extended height: 82.500 inches (209.5cm). Fully extended height: 102 inches (259cm). Trail weight: 3.2 lbs. (1.46kg).

This support pole has been specifically designed for pyramid style hot tents to handle some of the heaviest loads, regardless of tent size. The center pin base diameter has been enlarged to spread out the weight even further onto the aluminum base plate. New for this year, the pole comes standard with a solid plastic sphere to spread the load evenly onto the pole and to prevent damage to your hot tent. Our pole uses a high-temperature anodizing process found in the aerospace industry: you won’t have to worry about discolouring the finish of you tent pole when your pole is placed beside your stove.

Rated load-weight capacity of over 300kg. Heavy duty bungee cord used for heavy usage. Bungee cord is also made in Canada. 

Multiple adjustment points for a variety of heights. Adjustment pin with lanyard is rated to 7,000lbs shear capacity. Comes complete with transport strap.

Central Tent Pole base sold separately.

Larger pole sizes are available upon request.


Tent and pole bags

Made out of rugged Cordura nylon. We use only real Cordura material for all of our tent and pole bags. Heavy duty USA made plastic buckles are used to close it for ease of use. You can also order your bag with top of the line Cobra quick release aluminum buckles that are made in Austria. We offer a range of sizes for different hot tent manufacturers. Please contact for further details.


Summer Products

We here at Boreal Outdoor Innovations also offer 3 season camping gear and equipment such as bicycle trailers, custom canoe or kayak vehicle modular racking systems, custom canoe yokes just to name a few. If you are looking for a custom product to be made, please contact us through email or you can call us as well. We would be happy to discuss your application.

Custom Products

We encourage custom designs and production when appropriate

Quality Built, Custom Designed, Camping Gear And Accessories.