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Frequently Asked Questions


Call or email us to place an order. We do not have e-commerce and the moment. We accept cash, e-transfers and Western Union money transfers only.

This is our specialty! Contact us by email for further information.
Absolutely. We would be happy to email or mail another copy free of charge.

Yes, we ship all over the world. Email us for more details

Hot tent stoves and accessories

Yes, all of our stoves are designed to be serviceable and repairable should the need arise, or if accidents occur to your stove.

Unfortunately, we do not repair or service competitor’s hot tent stoves. Contact your original equipment manufacturer or retailer.

 You do not need any tools to install our baffles. Our stoves come standard with baffle rails, regardless if you buy a stove with a baffle or not. Baffles get installed via a taper mechanical locking system.

Yes, we can custom make any product to your specifications using any grade of Titanium. Please email or call us to discuss further. 

Yes,  we are currently working on several larger models and sizes of stainless steel stoves designed for very large or custom sized tents, or base camp tents for hunters, entirely made out of a thicker gauge of stainless steel. They will be available in the Summer of 2023. Please email us for more details and sizes.

Yes, we can custom manufacture a thicker stainless stoves should the need arise. Please contact us via email for details.
Absolutely. Best would be to email us on which model of stainless steel stove you have purchased from us and we can go from there.

Other Products

Yes, all of our products we manufacture are serviceable and repairable should the need arise. You can contact us through email or call over the telephone to discuss your needs and wants.
If outfitters would like to purchase all of the accessories they come as a packaged offer. Please contact us for details related to pricing
Yes, we manufacture custom bicycle trailers made from either aluminum or titanium. Please email us your dimension or a hand sketch of your trailer in mind.

We also manufacture canoe accessories such as custom yoke mounts, canoe racks, custom vehicle brackets for mounting/strapping canoes down to your vehicle, etc. Please contact us to discuss your needs or wants.

As noted above, we partner with outfitters interested in developing custom products to suit their unique needs.